Saturday, 26 November 2011

Target customer - Target customer of iPhone

The target customer is divided into 4 groups.

-General customer
-Educational customer
-Business customer
General customer 
General customer includes all the customer which buy phone for the communication matter and general use. Customer who wish to get a high quality of voice call and video call are the target.

These customers aim to buy phone just for the communication matter such that voice all and video call.
Entertainment customer
These are the target customer who aim to buy iPhone for gaming and entertaining reason.
These customer focus on the graphic presentation of the phone as well as the high performance of an iPhone.

Educational Customer
Customer who uses iPhone for an educational matter.
These customers need iPhone as device to help in noting or a portable device in reaerch on internet and all.
Such some real time design student which require and application on iphone as part of their need.

Business Customer
Involve all the customer who use iPhone as part of their business such for communication, time management , emailing and etc.

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